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ROBOFEST, the pinnacle of innovation and creativity, is an annual robotics competition founded by the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at the Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology. Since its inception in 2010, ROBOFEST has evolved from a contest into a national arena where students from across Sri Lanka, and now industrial innovators showcase their skills in robotics.

Initially exclusive to students of the Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology, ROBOFEST quickly expanded its reach. By 2012, it welcomed school pupils and undergraduates nationwide, evolving into a celebrated platform for showcasing local innovations by 2014. This broadened participation underscores ROBOFEST’s significant impact, sparking a passion for robotics among the youth and paving new career paths.

ROBOFEST’s core mission is to empower students at all levels to design, build, and engage with cutting-edge technologies in robotics. It’s an opportunity for young innovators to excel and display their talents in a competitive yet nurturing environment.

Looking ahead, ROBOFEST 2024 promises to be a landmark event. With the Mechanical Engineering Department at the helm, this year is set to introduce novel experiences through AI innovations and the new open category, broadening the competition’s horizon and offering participants unparalleled opportunities to showcase their creativity and technical skills. As we prepare for this transformative edition, ROBOFEST continues to inspire the next generation of engineers, thinkers, and leaders in the field of robotics.