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ROBOFEST is the annual robotic competition organized by the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering of Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology.

The competition was first held in 2010, where only students of Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology were encouraged to participate. In 2011, the competition was expanded so that interested students from all around the country could participate in the school, undergraduate or open competitions. ROBOFEST 2012, was open to all school pupils and undergraduates from all over Sri Lanka.

Last year, ROBOFEST 2014 was open to students of all Schools and Universities of Sri Lanka as well as industrial personnel who were willing to exhibit their local innovations. The keen interest of students from all around the country to participate in the competition showed the impact that ROBOFEST has had in many young minds during the past few years, opening a whole new path in students lives to the world of robotics.

The goal of ROBOFEST is to give school and undergraduate students the opportunity to design, build and familiarize with new technologies in the field of robotics where all students will get the opportunity to excel and show their talents on the day of the competition.