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ROBOFEST 2010 was the first ever robotic competition conducted at Sri Lanka Instititute of Information Technology, organized by the Electronic & Computer Engineering Department of SLIIT. The competition was inititated in order to expose students within the campus to the field of robotics and to bring out their innovative talents.

Students participated as teams, each having 5 members. Participants were given the best ever opportunity to show their skills and innovative ideas and talents as they were finally given a chance to apply all that they learned, practically where they could compete to choose the best.

All participants had come up with brilliant ideas and designs. The fastest robots who managed to complete all tasks with the least time were awarded gold, silver and bronze awards.


The awards were sponsored by OREL solutions, Local distributor for Farnell, U.K.

``Interceptor`` by team Bathurst

Gold award winners

``Harukoa`` by team Avenger

Silver award winners

``Eureka`` by team Gladiators

Bronze award winners

After carefully evaluating all the 31 robots who participated in the competition, the most deserving team whose robot had been built so well that even the simplest parts of the robot had been given full attention was chosen.


A special award for the “Best Design” was given out to the team that designed the best robot.

The Best Design Award was awarded to : “Optimus” by team Yastronics. (Award Sponsored by Metropolitan Computers Ltd.)

``Optimus`` by team Yastronics

Best Design award winners