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ROBOFEST 2011 was held on 15th and 16th of September. The competition was organized under three categories; the school category, undergraduate category and the open category. Enthusiasts in witnessing or taking part in this robotic competition gathered from all around the Island to Sri Lanka Instititute of Information Technology, Malabe.


The ROBOFEST – School competition was conducted for the very first time in 2011. The competition was open to schools all around the country. School students from all around Sri Lanka participated in the event with great enthusiasm regardless of from which state or province or school they were from.

Then again, those teams whose robots played their role on the platform most efficiently emerged winners.


G. Suraj Prasanna - of Don. Patick M.V, Horana

Gold award winners

(Sponsored by D.M.S Electronics Pvt. Ltd)

`` V-Devanz`` - of Maliyadeva College, Kurunegala

Silver award winners

(Sponsored by Link Natural Ltd.)

``METRO Rotics`` - of Vidyaloka College, Galle

Bronze award winners

(Sponsored by Sampath bank.)


The ROBOFEST competition for the undergraduate category was conducted for the second time, yet, it was open for university students from all around Sri Lanka for the first time. All teams of the undergraduate category participated in the competition held on 15th September, 2011. Robots that were built with immense hard work were brought on to the platform on stage to evaluate their performance. Robots moved on the platform along the lines, avoiding obstacles and following arrows trying hard to reach the final goal. By the end of round one, only 15 robots managed to perform to successfully lead their teams to the final round.

Round two for the undergraduate category was held on the 16th of September, 2011. The most successful 15 robots were again brought on to stage with their teams. The robots had to peform the same tasks. But the platform that they had to make their way through to the goal was made a tougher one. Each team were given three trials. All robots that made their way to round two were all very efficient.

The teams whose robots’ were lucky enough to be the fastest in performing all the required tasks, reaching and stopping successfully at the goal emerged winners of round two – the undergraduate category of ROBOFEST 2011.


``Mechabot`` - of Uva Wellassa University

Gold award winners

(Sponsored by Orel Power Pvt. Ltd)

``Aura`` - of the University of Moratuwa

Silver award winners

(Sponsored by IEEE Sri Lanka Section & Energynet Pvt. Ltd)

``Neuro`` - of Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology

Bronze award winners

(Sponsored by SLIIT)


The open category held on the 16th of September 2011 in the campus premises gathered many enthusiasts. Participants in this category had unbelievably innovative ideas. They had made all kinds of robots using new technologies which at the end helped them come up with robots with so many interesting features.

The robots in the open category were evaluated by a panel with expertise in the field to choose the most successfully implemented and most innovative robot. Finally the best out of the best was chosen as the winner.


``The Biker``- from the University of Moratuwa

Gold award winners

(Sponsored by Metropolitan Computers Ltd. & Co-sponsorship- Lanka Bell)