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Given below are links to a few resources that beginners and competitiors might find useful.


You may download all the lectures conducted at the Workshops held last year from the links given below.


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Given below are a set components which you may find useful in the process of building your robot.

(You can do a normal web search to find the respective datasheets).

  • Diodes : 1N 4001 - 1N 4007

  • Transistors : BC 109 , BC 546, BC 550 , 2N3904 , 2SC828 , 2SD400 , TIP42

  • Motor Drivers : L293D , L298D , ULN2803

  • Op-amps : LM 124 , LM 158

  • Timers : NE 555

  • Regulators : LM 7805 , TL 431

  • Microcontollers : PIC 10F2XX , PIC 12F629 , PIC 16F84A , PIC 16F877A , PIC18F452

  • Other Components : LDR / Light & Dark Sensors


You may also find some useful articles done for the “Vidusara” Science Magazine by Mr. Gamini Jayasinghe & Mr. Kolitha Dharmapriya
(Department of Electronic & Telecommunication Engineering – The University of Moratuwa ). View More

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